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Austin Healey Owners Club

The Austin Healey Owners Club are 50 years old and had a rally, lunch and afternoon of leisure on Saturday. Sound Services supplied the PA for the splendid lunch at the Master Builders Hotel at Bucklers Hard on the Beaulieu Estate

The ships from the Battle of Trafalgar were nowhere to be seen though


Hammond School Lightwater
We are pleased to have been of service to Hammond Junior School in Lightwater for their sports day today

They had a great day with wonderful weather


Calthorpe Park Sports Day, Fleet year we covered an even larger area with sound for the Calthorpe Park sports day - events started soon after 9am and finished around 3pm

Using yagi aerial we achieved a better radio link than before and provided a system with 12 Toa horns being driven by NJS amplification and Intimidation wireless equipment

A great day of friendly competitiveness


Woking Crematorium annual Remembrance Service first Sunday every July we supply the sound system for this wonderful day at Woking Crematorium. This is the UK's oldest crematorium and it is fitting that this memorial service is so well attended every year

As usual the weather was grand - a flight of white doves, members of the British Legion, Girl Guides, The Salvation Army, a choir and a string quartet made for a great atmosphere

We used around 15 microphones, 750 watts, 35 loudspeakers and much cable to provide sound around the gardens

Propaganda Music Canteen

Sound Services are pleased to be supporting Fleet's Propaganda Music Canteen for another year

We look after all of the sound equipment in the venue and provide back-up when needed


Lasham Gliding
The home of  gliding in the UK wanted sound systems for their flying displays and we are very excited to be involved with the club at Lasham Airfield

The first system was delivered yesterday ready for the events in August - the rest of the systems will be delivered in good time so that communication with the far side of the airfield is possible


2017 Clearance List

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At the end of the day 

After the day is done on a busy Saturday we strip the sound systems from Hartley Wintney Festival, Churt Fete and Windlehsam's Woodcote House School - another few hours and you would not know we were even there.....until next year then


National Rifle Association, Bisley
When the National Rifle Association needed multiple wireless mics in a hurry we pulled out the stops and applied for their OFCOM license that day. The IMG Stageline fixed site TXS-686 range fitted the bill and we installed within a few days of getting the order

We had agreed to re-site a couple of the existing loudspeakers in the famous Bisley Pavilion but found they had been incorrectly installed and wrongly connected so we also corrected these issues before handing everything over to the NRA


Fetes, Open Days and Festivals busy weekend ahead for Sound Services

Following work at the General election for Waverley Council we have Hart Rotary's Hartley Wintney Festival, Churt Village Fete and the open day and sports day at Woodcote House School Windlehsam this weekend

It will be an early start and a late finish tomorrow so now is the time to thank these groups and organisations for choosing to hire their sound from Sound Services


Election Count sound system at The Edge Leisure Centre
We were pleased to again provide the sound and communications systems at Waverley Council's count at the General Election

Using a 400w Ramsa amplifier driving Jamo 1 x 12" speakers we had fully licensed channel 38 wireless microphones feeding the InterM mixer - the output of the sound system then fed a deregulated Channel 70 wireless link to other parts of the leisure centre


Albirr Foundation Mosque, Basingstoke were called to the Albirr Foundation mosque in Basingstoke and asked if we could improve their sound system and  remove the very intrusive echo on the spoken word

We spent around 90 minutes on site and sorted a few connection and phantom power issues, we replaced some faulty leads and we completely removed  the reverberation from the system

Now happy with the results we are being asked to improve their sound facilities further


Brook Fete 2017
Brook is a Surrey village and they have a wonderful fete every year. Sound Services have been supplying PA sound to the fete for a few years now and are very pleased to be of service again this year

Even though the bank holiday weather was a little damp a good time was had by all and the planning can now start for the 2018 event, hopefully with better weather


St Thomas on the Bourne, Farnham
Sound Services were able to modify the sound system at Farnham's St Thomas on the Bourne Church today so that they can easily use a laptop's audio output through a spare mic line. A fairly simple addition of a DI box and associated cabling has made their system a lot more versatile

While on site we also looked at the Centenary Rooms extension with a view to fitting a new sound and induction loop system with radiomics so that those who are hard of hearing are more involved with all meetings and gatherings

Hays Recruitment services are pleased to have worked on behalf of The Experience at Hays Recruiting in The City yesterday. Our remit was to ascertain why their premium quality sound equipment was not performing to expectations. We found major issues with the set-up of the wireless mics, the impedance matching of the amplifier to the speakers and the way the mixer was connected to the amplifier. Having sorted these issues the client was satisfied that the equipment would be OK for the meeting that evening.

The system requires more attention but  Hays are now able to use the equipment that was not purchased from us

Freedom Leisure Services are very pleased to be chosen as one of Freedom Leisure's approved suppliers

We cover all of the Freedom Leisure sites via our website and all those in the south with on-site engineers as required

Sound Services are ideally located to supply all wireless mic and wireless mic spare head mics, power supplies, aerials and leads together with replacement wireless systems and aerobics and gym sound sets

Army Golf Club
We originally supplied a sound system and wireless mics to the Army Golf Club around 15 years ago so we were very pleased that they came back to Sound services to bring the system up to date in 2017

We enabled their TV sound, MP3 player and new radiomics to be controlled and routed by their new 5 input, 4 zone control amplifier

And for AGM's and the like they now have 4 hand held wireless mics and a cable mic so everyone should be heard

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