Carolyn Freeman
Crystal & Aroma Specialist, Reiki Master & Teacher, Yoga Instructor and Spiritual Artist

Gems, Crystals & Stones - Aromas, Candles & Diffusers
Crystals and Gemstones

My love of crystals, gemstones and their energies has led me onto my journey of discovery

Using crystals and connecting with their energy has helped me for many years

I use them regularly to meditate with and to soothe and release my own everyday life

My desire to share the beauty of these most natural stones has pointed the way for me to procure and connect to these energy crystals – making them available to friends, clients and new customers

To compliment the technical and metaphysical information online I prefer to connect intuitively with each crystal matching it perfectly to its new keeper
I have a good stock of sensibly priced crystals and look forward to showing them and sharing their energies with you

Essential Oils, Candles and Incense

Our sense of smell is connected to our root Chakra, our sense of safety and security. When we feel out of balance we can use essential oils to help us balance all of our energy centres

Candles have always been used for shedding light and in our modern age we use them to soften our environment as an aid to our meditation

The eyes get tired from using our technology, gazing at the flickering of a candle clears the physical eyes, opens our inner eye, the pineal gland, which calcifies without regular use and helps to clear the mind from its overload of thought

I have a good stock of affordable essential oils, candles, diffusers and incense and look forward to showing them to you

Please email to view crystals, stones, candles and aromas