Carolyn Freeman
Crystal & Aroma Specialist, Reiki Master & Teacher, Yoga Instructor and Spiritual Artist

Yoga Classes
COVID-19: Unfortunately all face-to-face classes, treatments and groups are suspended until further notice
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I have online yoga , breathing and meditation video uploaded weekly to Facebook and Youtube

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Yoga has been in my life for 15 years and I have continued to grow and learn how our mind-body connection affects us

The physical body unlocks by the use of breath, movement and stillness, it unlocks our energy flow

I have progressed from dynamic flow yoga, which taught me a great deal about our own ebb and flow o energy, to a more restorative and therapeutic yoga style

Using therapeutic movements including mobilising, stretching and strength postures I continue to teach and use yoga in my own, unique way

I use the seasons, the transit of the Earth, the Moon and the Sun, in my yoga teaching and in my personal practice. I tap into our inner and our energies

We all live a busy and stressful life and I have found the use of slow and mindful yoga practices help to de-stress and re-align the body and the mind which then unlocks our own inner strength and flexibility without force

Leaving us more balanced and peaceful

Seasonal Flow Yoga
– includes traditional Hatha Yoga and traditional Chinese medicine on the body’s energy lines (meridians). The postures (asanas) are linked to the body’s five seasonal energy lines of Spring, Summer, late Summer, Autumn and Winter – these Seasonal Flow Yoga postures open the energy flow, relieving tensions and blockages – leaving the body and soul refreshed and reunited

Vinyasa Yoga
– a dynamic, athletic style of Yoga which uses heat generating breath (ujjayi) to link the postures (asanas) leaving the mind clear and the body strong and flexible. Vinyasa Yoga achieves a refreshed, vital mind, body and soul

Fitness Yoga
– uses traditional postures (asanas) and breath control (pranayama) together with up to date Western style strength and flexibility exercise. This modern mix is suited to all age
s and abilities as flexibility and fitness can by achieved by all

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